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Pulastya Skin Clinic

Pulastya Skin ClinicThe Pulastya Skin Clinic, centrally situated in a posh locality of south Delhi, is committed to achieve excellence in a very affectionate and gracious ambience. It is well-known for its outstanding patient care quality services. Its main mission is to consistently strive for the highest ratings of satisfaction from its clientele.

At Pulastya Skin Clinic, a range of skin related services and treatments with the most up-to-date state of art, internationally acclaimed technology are offered at logical charges. The comprehensive care for various skin problems, for instance - augmentation of normal skin, treatment for acne scars, dark uneven pigmentation, tanned skin, wrinkles, unwanted hair etc. can be envisaged with safe procedures from this distinguished centre of excellence under expert guidance of the Dermatologist, Venereologist and Cosmetologist, Dr Vivek Mehta, M.B.B.S, M.D. - specialist in Skin, Nail and Hair diseases.

Pulastya Skin ClinicPulastya Skin Clinic maintains a full spectrum of skin care services, both surgical and non-surgical, ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of each patient with an individualized treatment plan.

Pulastya Skin Clinic will continue to position itself as the principal dermatology, dermatological surgery and Laser center of choice.

We feel proud to inaugurate the new State of Art Delhi Aesthetic Dermatology & Laser Centre and Antiageing Clinic at Pulastya Skin Clinic. We have got whole range of lasers for every skin concern and our antiageing clinic provides the latest antiageing treatments to restore your youthfulness.

Pulastya Skin Clinic Pulastya Skin Clinic Pulastya Skin Clinic
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