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Hair Loss

Many individuals suffer from the problem of losing hair and that occurs due to various reasons. It is believed by many people that smartness and beauty lies in the hair also and by changing the hair style the look of an individual also changes. The average hair an individual sheds in a day is about 100, and if it occurs more than its limit then there are chances of patches occurring in the head due to hair fall. Many people suffer from the problem of Baldness and it is important that they solve this problem by consulting hair transplant doctor in Delhi. Advanced methods are made use for the hair transplant and taking a step forward for the hair transplant is a right decision as surgeons provide promised results.

 Hair Transplant Clinics in Delhi

There are many hair transplant clinics in Delhi and in other major cities in India and that provide dedicated support to their patients for the procedure of hair transplant. The doctors in these clinics take care even of the do and don’ts of the patient if any in terms of their food habits and life style.  Online support is also provided to the patients when required. There are temporary solutions for hair loss but it is better to opt for permanent solutions. The appearance of an individual is highlighted by their hair and that is the reason why many people all around the world opt for hair transplant.

 Reasons for Hair Loss

The main reasons for hair loss include hormonal changes in the body, genetics, poor lifestyle changes and some medical treatment. The other main reason of hair loss is ageing, but ironically many people even lose hair at younger age.  Hair loss is very worrying and its effects are very difficult to deal for an individual. There are some pills and lotions available and that can be made use for hair loss but they cannot save the hair fall if the roots are dead. Hair transplant is the best and effective treatment in such cases and that would bring back hair on your head.

 Methods Used for Hair Implant

The 3 methods that are basically used in hair transplant include Follicular Unit Transplantation, Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct hair Implant. In the first method that is Follicular Unit Transplantation from the back of the head is cut strip of hair and follicles are obtained from it. The folds of the strip are then stitched together and it leaves on the back of the head a scar.  In the second method of hair transplant i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction the follicles are removed by use of a scalpel. The most reputed transplantation method carried out in clinics in Delhi is the Direct Hair Implant. The hair transplantation is carried out by renowned surgeons and positive results have been achieved. It is always better that the doctors are consulted before the hair transplant. People can compare the cost of the hair implants available in clinics in Delhi easily online.

Hair transplant has become very common these days and there are many reputable clinics in Delhi that make use of the best methods for hair transplant.  The DHI is an excellent hair implant method and that does not involve any stitches or scar in the head.

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