Important steps followed for Laser Hair Reduction in Delhi

Laser Reduction

There are many factors that influence the growth of hair and these include medications, hormonal changes in the body, age, and ethnicity. The location of the hair also influences the color and the coarseness of the hair. It is very humiliating for men and women when they have unwanted hair on their body and it is for this purpose that they opt for laser hair reduction treatments.

 Laser Hair Removal Methods

NdYag and Diode Laser are the two noteworthy methods used for laser hair removal in Delhi and that vary according to the skin type. It is very important before applying the method to check for the skin type or there are chances that patients can face scarring, face discoloration, burning sensation, and itching. Laser hair reduction in Delhi is done by an exclusive hair reduction therapy and through which it is possible to control the density of hair and by use of laser ray of low energy.

IPL or Intense Pulsating Light Method

The other method used is IPL or intense pulsating light and it is applied to the patient’s hair follicles directly and mainly to burn out the follicles. The IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is not a permanent procedure and there are chances that after the process hair growth occurs. The method is less expensive and both IPL and laser methods make use of light of high energy beams and to kill the hair follicles. The laser ray makes use of light of one wavelength whereas the IPL makes use of white light and of different wavelengths. Laser method is more effective than IPL when it comes to long-lasting reduction.

Varieties of Laser Hair Reduction

The NdYag and the Diode procedures used for hair reduction are advanced laser hair reduction methods used these days and the Diode laser hair reduction therapy is the latest type.  The Diode method is popular as it is conveniently available. In the Diode therapy, the laser rays of longer wavelength are used and that penetrate deep into the skin layers and destroy the hair follicles. The other method can be used for all skin types but its durability is not evident.

 How effective is Laser Hair Reduction

There are many best hair reduction centers in Delhi and that treat all types of hair like coarse hair, hormonal hairs, dark hair and fine hair. Unwanted hair is removed without causing any discomfort. The laser hair reduction is the best and permanent solutions and that guarantees people that they do not have to worry about hair removal again. The non-invasive procedure is done commonly in areas like the top of the nose, face, shoulders, underarm, back, abdomen, bikini lines, arms, hands, upper and lower lip, earlobe and buttocks.

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