Body Contouring and Inch Loss in Delhi at Pulastya Cadle

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Dr. Vivek Mehta Dermatologist in South Delhi provides Body contouring services at Pulastya’ s CADLE which is premier skin clinic in South Delhi.

Pulastya’s Centre for Advanced Dermatology and Laser Estetica is a worldwide leader in noninvasive body contouring.

Body contouring treatments are targeted to reduce pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise, cellulite, and sagging skin, conditions that typically result from genetic predisposition, substantial weight loss or the natural aging process. This area has experienced rapid growth in the last few years, as new lasers and other devices have been developed to noninvasively improve the appearance of various parts of the body. These devices target underlying fat to reduce unwanted bulges, and stimulate collagen production to tighten loose skin to tighten loose skin for a firmer and younger appearance. Treatments are well tolerated with minimal if any recovery time needed.

Our expertise in these areas and the breadth of devices we have at our disposal allows us to design the best personalized non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening plan to address each patient’s needs and achieve the best attainable results

We have the following devices for body contouring  at our clinic:


Pulastya CADLE is first clinic in India to offer Non surgical fat reduction in Delhi. Procedure is done by Dr Vivek Mehta Dermatologist in Delhi. Lipocel provides non surgical solution for inch loss in Delhi

The Lipocel treatment is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that can get rid of targeted fat around your waistline. The treatment is completed in just one office visit and lasts about one hour. With little to no downtime or aftercare, you can resume your active lifestyle right away.

The Lipocel treatment uses noninvasive high-intensity focused ultrasound to get rid of fat around your waistline (abdomen and love handles) without surgery. Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks. Unique patented technology provides contact cooling which helps in reducing pain and allows higher energy delivery hence more results.

High-intensity ultrasound energy is focused on the targeted fat. Skin is not damaged as targeted fat beneath the skin is permanently destroyed by the ultrasound energy. The body naturally removes the destroyed fat from the treatment area, which may leave you with a thinner, more contoured waistline.

Unlike some other fat removal procedures that often require multiple treatments to see results, with the Lipocel treatment, you can reduce your waistline by an average 2.5 cm, or about one dress or pant size, with a single 1-hour treatment. Office visit time and individual results may vary. Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks.

Exilis Elite

Fat cells are stored in the body in lobules that are clustered like a bunch of grapes. These clusters are wrapped in a fibrous tissue layer similar to a hairnet that holds them together. This fibrous tissue layer makes it difficult to reach the fatty clusters without a liposuction cannula instrument or surgery. The FDA cleared Exilis mono-polar radio frequency system is able to rattle the fat lobules out of their fibrous cage, while blasting them with heat to ramp up their metabolic activity and shrink the size of the fat cells for contouring of the face and neck. The heat also stimulates fibroblast activity to produce new collagen resulting in visible skin tightening for turkey necks and jowling.

For fat reduction , controlled heat is delivered 1 to 3 centimeters under the skin, right where those stubborn fat cells are. The Exilis heats up the fat cells to increase metabolism in that area. The Exilis liquefies the fat cells which then are naturally flushed from your body.

Everyone has a stubborn fat deposit or trouble spot they’d like to get rid of. It used to be that liposuction and body contouring surgery was the only way to reduce unwanted fat on the body, but Exilis allows us to change your body’s shape without the pain and recovery associated with liposuction or other surgical procedures. After a treatment, patients can immediately return to their normal activities. It is the newest non-surgical method for body shaping and circumferential reduction of targeted fatty deposits and skin laxity on the body.

For skin tightening, the heat produced from the laser will disrupt old collagen while your body’s own natural process will evoke new collagen fibers. As early as after one session you will quickly begin to see your smooth, tight, young skin.

How many treatments do I need?

Everyone is different, but in general most people begin to see a measurable difference after only 1 or 2 visits. Most clients can expect to see excellent results after only 6 treatments. Clients who want to lose larger volumes may opt for 8 or more treatments sessions.

For the purpose of Skin Tightening sessions should be scheduled 7 to 10 days apart. For the purpose of Fat Reduction sessions should be scheduled 10 to 14 days apart. Each treatment should take approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

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We also provide HIFU for face skin tightening.

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