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We are happy to announce that Dr. Vivek Mehta is now practicing in UAE.

For appointments in UAE (Abu Dhabi) please call at +971-585641283.

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Dermatologist in Delhi

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Skin Specialist in Delhi

Skin Specialist in Delhi

At Pulastya's CADLE, you get the treatment from the best Skin Specialist in Delhi-NCR .i.e, Dr. Vivek Mehta who gives personal attention to all his patients. He takes time to listen and answer your questions fully and make you feel comfortable.

Skin Clinic in Delhi

Skin Clinic in Delhi

Our Skin Clinic in South Delhi has the best and state-of-the-art technology in laser treatments and other dermatology services through which we provide the best possible solutions to our clients in skin ailments.

Skin Laser Clinic in Delhi

Skin Laser Clinic in Delhi

The Center offers you the most up-to-date medical, surgical and laser techniques. Dr. Vivek Mehta is a board-certified specialist and has undergone extensive training in dermatology and laser treatments.

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Pulastya's Cadle is one of the well known Skin Laser Clinic in Delhi NCR and provides the latest skin laser treatments in South Delhi. We provide a wide range of laser treatments from laser hair removal to non surgical facelift in Delhi.

Dr. Vivek Mehta
Meet the Doctor

Dr. Vivek Mehta
M.B.B.S, M.D. (Dermatology)


Dr. Vivek Mehta is certified dermatologist in Delhi associated with with MCI and DMC and has a speciality in diagnosis and management of hair, skin and nail infections or diseases.

Having an experience of more than a decade, Dr. Vivek Mehta, who is a skin specialist in Delhi and UAE, has a seen all kinds of patients: national as well as international. He has worked as a proficient Dermatologist at Primus Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Mehta has the capability of managing Pediatric dermatology, pregnancy related skin disorders and other types of dermatology related issues like cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic dermatology and all types of laser surgeries. He has been effectively disseminating awareness about the facts and myths related to skin laser treatment in Delhi, through interviews on public platforms like TV, radio and print media.



There is saying that Beauty is only skin deep. I think more important than that is finding peace in inner self and see the whole universe equally as the manifestation of God, everything a beautiful manifestation. - Dr. Vivek Mehta

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Best dermatologist in South Delhi


Dr Vivek Mehta is the Director of Pulastya Skin Clinic and working as a skin specialist in South Delhi. He is the best dermatologist in South Delhi. Dr Mehta has years of experience in this field which is helping patients to get the best skin treatment. Whether it is about skin diseases like acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives or blades issue of grade 6 or 7 Dr Vivek is good at curing all.

In this polluted world where we are eating, breathing and even drinking polluted items it becomes difficult to stay healthy and look good. Having skin diseases and hair fall issues are quite common and curing via home remedies become next to impossible. But here Skin specialist in south Delhi Dr Vivek Mehta provides best skin treatments and hair transplant and treatments.

So to get treatment from the best dermatologist in South Delhi approach Dr Vivek Mehta. He provides customized solution to every patient as everyone’s skin is unique and so is the problem. He understands the importance of having flawless and glowing skin. Through his years of research and practice, he is capable of providing the best skins treatments in Delhi.

The hair on the head is a crown we all carry which adds beauty in our appearance. Hair thinning, hair issues and blading are becoming common issues now. Dr Mehta is having a modernised solution of hair transplant in Delhi for all types of hair issue and problems. Even if you need laser hair removal in Delhi, Dr Mehta knows the tactics well to remove unwanted hair via Laser.

So if you are looking for the best dermatologist in Delhi or skin specialist in south Delhi then consult Mr Vivek Mehta one and the only best dermatologist who is offering services at Pulastya skin clinic.

For any problem related to skin and hair head straight towards Dr Vivek Mehta and get the right treatment.

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