Comparison between Laser hair removal in delhi at Pulastya Cadle vs other methods for Laser hair removal


IPL vs. Laser Hair Removal
IPL is often mistakenly referred to as a Laser. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The light passes through the whole treatment area, in comparison to an actual laser where the light is far more concentrated.
Treatment performed using an IPL is not as effective for hair removal. The laser uses just one wavelength to target hair follicles. Therefore Laser energy is far more focused than a IPL energy. The treatment settings with our Laser machines are more accurate and precise so we can individualize treatments for each client. When IPL is used for hair removal there is also a greater risk of causing damage to the skin, such as changes to skin pigmentation or burning.

So why do so many Clinics/Salons use IPL?
The cost of IPL equipment is a lot cheaper than Laser equipment.
IPL equipment is more versatile as it can perform a number of skin treatments as well as Laser Hair Removal in Delhi. So really is an all in one machine.
Pulastya Cadle uses specific Laser equipment for the sole purpose of hair removal and has different equipment for skin treatments. We use the most up-to-date equipment for safe and effective hair removal, to provide our clients with the best possible treatment.

Waxing vs. Laser

Waxing: a method of semi-permanent hair removal – removes the hair from the root.
Having to grow out hair.
Can cause ingrown hairs.
Messy, Sticky, uncomfortable, stretches & can remove delicate skin from face.
Treatments must be continued indefinitely.

Do not have to grow hair before treatment.
Can treat & remove ingrown hairs.
Laser rejuvenates and tightens the skin at the same time as removing the hair.
Laser Reduces hair permanently.

Threading vs. Laser

Threading: ancient art of hair removing with cotton thread – removes hair from root.
Only suitable for faces – works better on flat surfaces.
Time consuming.
Cannot treat sensitive or acne skin.
Extremely difficult to get rid of all hairs.

Laser can treat all areas easily, face treatments are very effective.
Laser is quick – faces take as little as 15 mins
Laser is suitable for sensitive skin and acne skin – helps reduce infection by killing bacteria.
Laser covers all areas very accurately.

Plucking vs. Laser

Plucking: refers to the process of removing the hair mechanically with a tweezer – removes hair from root.
Time Consuming – have to pluck one by one.
Short term quick fix – hair can grow back immediately
Can cause pitted scars.
Can cause ingrown hairs.

Laser removes hair quickly from large areas.
Long term solution – Reduces hair permanently.
Laser gives soft smooth skin.
Can treat & remove ingrown hairs.

Shaving vs. Laser

Shaving – method of hair removal, using a blade to remove the hair from the surface of the skin – does not disturb the root.
Hair grows back very quickly – as early as next day.
Hair grows back coarser.
Irritation and sensitivity – also causes shaving bumps.
Time consuming – every few days.

Laser keeps hair at bay for long periods of time.
Hair grows back finer.
Laser is suitable for sensitive skin.
Time saving in the future.
Depilatory Creams: dissolves the hair painlessly by using a cream – removes the hair from the surface of the skin.

Depilatory Creams vs. Laser

Depilatory Creams
Irritates skin – contains many chemicals
Varied results – does not get rid of all hair.
Messy, smells funny & time consuming.
Hair grows back very quickly.

Suitable for all skin/ all areas- even sensitive skin.
Nice even finish – even on large areas.
Quick, easy and no fuss.
Laser keeps hair at bay for long periods of time.

Epilating vs. Laser

Epilating: using an electrical device to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out.
Painful to use.
Having to grow out hair.
Some areas are more difficult to treat – bikini etc.
Can cause ingrown hairs.
Time Consuming.

Utilizing inbuilt cooling areas can be treated comfortably.
Do not have to grow hair before treatment.
Laser can treat all areas easily.
Can treat & remove ingrown hairs.
Time saving in the future.

Electrolysis vs. Laser

Electrolysis: method of hair removal by applying a direct current to the follicle to prevent regrowth.
Tedious/ time consuming – treats each individual hair.
Results are varied – difficult to get good hair reduction.
Skin infection & skin damage/scarring.

Laser is cheaper than electrolysis.
Quick, fast treats large areas.
Shorter number of treatments will give you permanent hair reduction.
Laser is safe and yields smooth skin.