Laser Hair Removal in Delhi- Pulastya CADLE

If you are looking for laser hair removal in delhi then you are at right place. use USFDA approved technology Light Sheer Duet to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body. Laser hair removal with the Lightsheer DUET™ removes hair for  men and women faster and with less discomfort than virtually any other method. It can also be safely used on all skin types. This procedure uses the laser to heat up the hair, which impedes the ability for regrowth after a series of six to ten treatments. Long-term hair reduction is commonly achieved with Light Sheer. Dr Vivek Mehta today for more details about the Lightsheer DUET™ laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Dallas

A large laser head size, combined with vacuum assist technology makes the hair removal fast and comfortable, eliminating the need for topical anesthetics and gel. This makes the device ideal for Doctors to treat areas such as the back and leg, which traditionally took a long time to treat, in our CADLE dermatology practice. The laser can still treat specific small areas with a separate smaller tip based on the original LightSheer hair removal device. Multiple hair follicles are treated at the same time, so it is able to treat large areas of the body.


Faster Laser Hair Removal Treatment Times

No anesthetics or gels are required with the DUET laser hair removal, which can reduce overall time in the office.

 Treatment Area Average Treatment Time  New Treatment time with LightSheer DUET  % Time Reduction  
 Back  60 min  15-20 min 65-75%
 Chest  40 min  15 min  67%
 Shoulders  20 min  10 min  50%
 Underarms  10 min  4 min  60%
 Full Legs  60 min  20 min  67%
 Lower Legs  45 min  15 min  67%
 Bikini Area  15 min  5 min  67%


Typically, multiple laser hair removal treatments are necessary for best results. The treatment produces minimal discomfort and you will be able to return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. If you are interested in this procedure and live in the South Delhi, please call Pulastya CADLE at 9873666201 to schedule a consultation.