Laser Treatment for burn scars in Delhi


Laser treatment can improve the appearance of burn scars and traumatic scars.

When you burn your skin, it can cause the most visible scars. Many people experience burns in childhood, as at a young age, we don’t always realize the danger of open flames and hot water.

The scars caused at any age are likely to remain visible for many years. They may fade and lighten in color (many burn scars start out a livid red color), but it is unlikely that serious burn scars will ever completely disappear.

There is a new treatment available, however, that can effectively treat burn scars of all types, improving the appearance of the skin and getting rid of many burn scars completely. This treatment involves using specially designed and calibrated lasers to remove burn scars. “Fractional ablative lasers vaporize the scar by heating the skin up to greater than 100°C, Waibel explained. “The scarred area is replaced by brand new healthy collagen. Over a series of treatments, the skin appears much more normal.