Lip Filler Augmentation in Delhi

Lip filler Augmentation in Delhi.

Are you still bothered by thin, flat lips?  With lip injections and fillers, you can get the full, voluptuous, kissable lips you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Vivek Mehta Dermatologist in Delhi provides Lip filler Augmentation in Delhi.

Some people are simply born with thin lips. Others are bothered by uneven, asymmetrical lips, or lips that are out of proportion to the rest of the face. Full, well defined lips are associated with youth and beauty. Unfortunately as we age our lips thin and become deflated, dry and wrinkled. With time the upper lip lengthens and lip lines normally develop above and around the lips due to which the mouth corners turn downward. The main reasons which contribute to the ageing of the lips are Genetics, sun exposure, gender and smoking. It can be seen that Perioral wrinkling or lines around the lips are more prominent in women and those individuals who regularly smoke or have excessive sun exposure in their lives.

One can try to correct such issues using tricks like lip liners, lipsticks and other makeup workarounds, but that isn’t a long lasting solution. If you want full, even and voluptuous lips for the long term in life the only answer is Lip Injection.

Lip Filler Augmentation are exactly what they sound like. The process involves taking a filler, which is nothing but your own body fat from another area of your body, and injecting it into your lips to even them out, plump them up, and give you the lips you’ve always wanted.

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Benefits of Lip Filler Augmentation?

Lip filler technology depends on the type of filler you use and the amount of filler injected into your lips. A few advantages of lip fillers include:

  • increased lip volume.
  • corrected asymmetry.
  • corrected irregular vermilion border (the demarcation between the lip and the adjacent skin).
  • smooth out fine lines on and around the lips.
  • reshaping of the lips.

Lip Injection Options

  • Dermal Fillers – There are various types of fillers which can be directly injected into the lips. The injection is done to make them look larger, fuller and to correct defects. The two most common fillers being used by dermatologists are Juvederm and Resylane. These fillers are injected in small amounts by using a very fine needle which is mean for precision and it helps in minimizing trauma to the lips. Each of these filler options have their own set of pros and cons but the materials vary in persistence. On an average, synthetic fillers will last between eight to ten months depending on the patient and the filler type used. The patient’s body will absorb these materials and ongoing treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.
  • Fat grafting– This process usually gives a long lasting result. By using the fat grafting technology, at times the result is noticeable after a few years of treatment. In this process, we take fat cells from the donor area of the body, for eg. abdomen or buttocks and graft them to the lips for adding volume and making them look large. As the fat taken from the patient’s own body doesn’t pose any risk of allergy, since the cells are being taken from the patient’s own body, we prefer this process than using synthetic fillers in lips.

Does Lip filler Augmentation hurt?

Though Lip injections can be uncomfortable, but at Pulastya Cadle, we will use a numbing cream which will freeze your lips so that you do not feel the needle prick. For more than 99% of our patients, freezing the lips using creams is sufficient and they do not need any other treatment. In case anyone still feels the pinch of the needle, we give local anaesthesia to completely numb the lips so that there is no feeling at all.

Will I be swollen after doing lip filler Augmentation?

Though immediately after undergoing a lip injection you will have some swelling but it is very minimal and unrecognizable. However, it is recognizable in the fact that the next day when the swelling subsides, you will notice that your lips are looking a little smaller than they looked right after the injections one day earlier. But there is no need to worry as there is hardly any bruising or excessive swelling which finally gives you a very good outcome and no one can make out that you had a lip enhancement done.

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