New Year take 10 new resolutions for young, healthy and glowing skin

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This New Year take 10 new resolutions for young, healthy and glowing skin

  1. Faithfully wear sunscreen every day-This year lay off the excuses; you’ll be pleased with the results — wrinkle and spot-free skin. Sunscreen is an anti-aging product recommended by most dermatologists because it prevents sun damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations. While you’re committing to slather sunscreen on every day, add “quit tanning” to your list as well.
  2. Wash your makeup off at night. Failing to wash your face at night can lead to clogged pores and break outs.
  3. Add an anti-aging product to your regimen. If you’re looking for something to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that have already appeared, to lighten dark spots or to create a smoother texture, look for products with nutrient-rich ingredients such as antioxidants, retinol and alpha or beta hydroxy acids
  4. Quit popping zits – An ugly zit on your face can be…well, ugly! We’ve all been victims of the detrimental quick fix, but it’s got to stop. Popping pimples increases the risk of scarring while inhibiting the healing process
  5. Wash your makeup brushes and ditch old makeup, makeup brushes can host bacteria and dirt which may cause acne.
  6. Drink more water-If you want suppler, hydrated skin, moisturize it by taking a sip from your water bottle throughout the day.
  7. Hand it over-Hands get neglected, yet they’re one of the first things we notice about someone. Invest in a good hand cream and resolve to wear rubber gloves when you’re washing up.
  8. Don’t forget about your lips – Keep lips from getting dry and chapped this winter. Use a lip balm that doesn’t contain peppermint essential oils or petroleum, as both can actually dry out lips. Be sure to moisturize your lips during your evening.
  9. Keep up with healthy habits in the New Year – late nights, smoking, excessive alcohol, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise will all take a huge toll on your skin!
  10. Pamper Yourself

You work hard and so does your skin. On a daily basis your skin comes in contact with environmental stresses such as the sun and pollution which can lead to dryness among other skin problems. Take some time to pamper yourself – you deserve it…visit a dermatologist………….:)