Laser Tattoo Removal in Delhi

If you are looking for permament tattoo removal in Delhi and Gurgaon, then Pulastya's CADLE is a right place for laser tattoo removal in Delhi/NCR.

Think of the moment when you had inked the Tattoo on your skin. It was a very lively and a very "in thing" moment then, but what now? In reality, Fads fade away and and lovers move on - so when life takes a different course, you realize that things have changed and you don't have to take your past tattoos with you.

The tattoo industry is a very un-organized sector in India. Though it has grown by over 100% in the last few years, most people give credit to Bollywood celebrities for this boom. People get their loved ones' names or their initials tattooed on their hands or any other body part. However, as many as 50% of individuals with tattoos may want to have their tattoos removed after a certian period of time.

The technology of Laser Tattoo removal works in a very advanced manner. In the procedure for tattoo removal, light is delivered at billionths of a second to break up ink particles that are trapped in the dermis layer of the patient's skin. Once these particles are broken up, our body automatically starts removing the smaller ink particles, resulting in the tattoo becoming progressively lighter and lighter with each treatment. Eventually it completely fades away. A known fact is that the black tattoo pigment can absorb all laser wavelengths and it becomes easiest to treat. However, other colors like red, selectively absorb green laser light. Various other pigment colors can be treated by different laser lights.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Delhi

Pulastya's CADLE is the first clinic in New Delhi to offer laser treatment using Tri-Beam dual wavelength laser (Q-switched 1064nm and 523nm) which is approved by UDFDA. This technology is highly advanced. It promises a greater levels of comfort for any patient and significantly fewer treatment sessions as compared to all other alternative tattoo removal devices. Using the Tri-beam laser technology for tattoo removal, we assure our clients of a quick, safe and effective way of tattoo removal for a wide variety of tattoo colours.

The technology of Q-Switched Laser has been safely approved by the American FDA and is widely considered the 'standard of care' throughout the professional tattoo removal industry.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

In the previous years we had painful methods like dermabrasion (scraping off the top layer of skin), cryosurgery (freezing the skin then peeling away layers of the tattoo) or excision (cutting the tattoo out). However, the Q-switched process is completely non-abrasive and doesn't cause any scarring on the patient's skin.

Our high quality medical-grade laser machine works by producing short pulses of intense light which targets only the area which has the tattoo on your skin. These pulses pass straight through to the pigment and leaves the top layers of skin unharmed. As the light gets absorbed, the ink molecules start breaking breaking down, allowing them to fragment into small particles and be absorbed into the bloodstream. As these molecules part away from the skin, the body safely and naturally flushes them out of the system, finally causing the ink to disappear.

This laser procedure has a proven record to be safe and effective. The top researchers have determined the wavelengths of light which have to be used in the process that are most effective at removing ink without damaging surrounding skin. Furthermore, our treatment is available at an affordable cost.

The removal of a tattoo needn't be complicated. We make the process as simple as possible by offering an initial consultation, FREE OF COST, in which we will assess your suitability for the procedure. If you/your body is suitable and we get a satisfactory result, we will inform you about the pricing packages.

Contact Pulastya CADLE, an expert center for laser tattoo removal in delhi, where you'll receive a tailored quote and relevant advice from a medically trained staff.



Tattoo Removal Treatment Images
Tattoo Removal from Biceps
Tattoo Removal from Hands


  • Why won’t creams or lotions work?
    • The ink in a tattoo is injected into the second layer of your skin, where it cannot easily be penetrated. This means that creams claiming to remove the tattoo are not strong enough to remove the ink. Our laser method is the only effective way to break down ink and minimise the appearance of tattoos.

  • Can all tattoos be removed?
    • While the majority of tattoos can be successfully removed or their appearance lessened, there are a small percent that may not respond to lasers. Our medical-grade lasers have the ability to remove ink containing black, red, yellow and green inks; however, removal of ink colours including pink and blue may not be as effective. We can advise you on your suitability and determine if your tattoo is eligible for removal during our initial consultation.

  • What type of laser is used?
    • At Pulastya;s CADLE we use USFDA approved Tribeam Q Switch Nd-yag Laser, which can be safely used anywhere on the face and body and so is the best machine available to do the job. With these medical-grade lasers, professional and amateur tattoos can be removed by our medically trained clinicians. Many clinics use a much cheaper, less efficient machine. Our Q-Switched laser is much safer and provides more reliable results at an affordable cost.

  • How many treatments will I need?
    • Most of our clients undertake an average of six to twelve treatments to achieve optimal results. While some fading may be apparent after only several sessions, more treatments are recommended to reach 80% removal of the unwanted tattoo. Factors that contribute to how many treatments are required and if they will be effective include:

      • The layering of tattoos
      • The type of ink used
      • The presence of particular colours in the tattoo that do not respond well to removal, such as pinks, purples and light blues
      • If the tattoo is new, it retains a large amount of ink

      We will be able to estimate the number of laser tattoo removal treatments you require during our free initial consultation, as well as the cost for your specific case.

  • How often can I have a treatment?
    • Treatments may be performed approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart, giving the area sufficient time to heal between sessions. This minimises the chances of scarring and other complications.

  • Does it hurt?
    • While medical-grade Q-Switched laser treatments can cause slight discomfort, this is usually only minor, and is a similar sensation to a rubber band snapping on your skin. At the Pulastya’s CADLE, we care about providing the utmost comfort, which is why we offer an efficient numbing cream that helps to reduce the sensation.

  • Are there any side effects of Laser Tattoo Removal?
    • Some side effects are possible with laser tattoo removal, though these are usually minor and do not last long. The most common of side effects for medical-grade Q-Switched lasers include:

      • Redness
      • Swelling
      • Very minor blistering

      These temporary side effects generally last less than a week, and are closely monitored by our team of medically trained doctors

  • Can the area be re-tattooed?
    • Absolutely, once the treated area has fully healed, it’s perfectly fine for the skin to be re-tattooed.

  • What does laser tattoo removal cost?
    • After initial consultation, where we’ll provide you with an estimated quote for complete treatment.. As tattoos differ in size and complexity, laser tattoo removal cost can vary depending on your circumstances.

  • What kind of tattoos we don’t treat?
      • Permanent makeup
      • Tattoo that is iron or mineral based
  • Why should I choose Tribeam Laser for my tattoo removal
      • The Tribeam is a new generation of tattoo removal lasers
      • Less chance of scarring
      • Less pain during treatment
      • Less treatments needed
      • Less downtime after treatment
  • Is it possible to get rid of tattoos in short time?
    • At Pulastya’s CADLE, we get lot of clients who are seeking tattoo removal in short time because of different reasons. We are using R20 technique and also combining laser techniques to ensure fast removal.

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