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Birthmark is a discoloration on the skin that is present from the moment of birth, or shortly thereafter. There are some that are hereditary. For example, one woman can have several children with the same birthmarks. It’s possible that some birthmarks may disappear over time, however, in other cases they refuse to go away.

Why should be they treated?

If they appear noticeably in areas such as the face they can affect the appearance of the individual and thus lower self-esteem levels. In some instances, birthmarks can pose a health risk. For example, birthmarks on the eyelids or face can lead to seizures or eye issues (glaucoma).



  • What are the types of Birthmarks?
    • There are four main categories of birthmarks:

      • Strawberry Birthmarks can appear on infants during the first weeks after birth. These are caused when small blood vessels grow rapidly after bunching together.
      • The discolorations that are caused can take anywhere from a few months to years to disappear or fade. Since this type of birthmark is most common on infants, you should discuss any removal decisions with your doctor.
      • Salmon Patches which are thin and colored pink. These will appear on infants and are usually found on their upper eyelids. These will usually go away during their first year. However, those that are found on the back of the neck may not fade or disappear.
      • Pigmentation Type birthmarks are usually coffee-colored and don't require removal. A version of this type of birthmark is called a Mongolian spot and these are gray or bluish patches that look like bruises. Normally, they fade during the child’s first 5 years.. They usually don't pose a health risk, but they can be a sign of skin cancer or melanoma if there is a change in color or size.
      • Vascular Malformations are common and can appear as a port wine-colored stain. These do not fade and can appear anywhere on the infant's body. This is the type of birthmark that is most often treated by laser removal.
  • What are benefits of laser birth mark removal?
    • There are several benefits associated with laser birthmark removal.The procedure is virtually painless and will usually require no anesthetic. There will usually be a tingling sensation that can be compared to a snapping rubber band on your skin. No hospital stay will be required and the recovery period is relatively short.

  • What should be expected after birth mark treatment?
    • Usually, any tenderness or bruising will fade within a week. The improvement of your appearance can be a boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem levels, as well. There is no age limit withlaser birthmark removal. However, for children under the age of 5, a consultation with a doctor is recommended.

  • What are the Lasers used for Birthmarks at Pulastya's CADLE?
    • There are various lasers used either alone or in combination for birthmarks like Pulse Dye Laser, IPL, Q-Switched ND-Yag Laser, Fractional Co2 laser.

  • What is the recovery time and post-procedure precautions?
    • The recovery time for healing from birthmark removal is relatively short. Any swelling or discomfort will usually fade in about a week. You may notice that the treated area will become dark purple. This should disappear about ten days after the procedure but, in some cases, it can last for 6-8 weeks.

      You will be advised to refrain from scratching the treated area. You should also avoid direct sunlight or use a good sunscreen when going outside in the daytime. It's important to follow all of the doctor's post-procedure instructions and that parents assist their children with those instructions if needed.

  • What to expect after laser treatment?
    • It should be noted that laser birthmark treatments don't always successfully remove a birthmark. This can occur when the birthmark pigmentation is unable to be reached by the laser. Another thing to keep in mind is that the birthmarks may take several sittings to lighten or to get completely removed. It is difficult to predict upon initial evaluation how many treatments will be required for optimal results inasmuch as the pigment in the birthmark may be at different levels within the skin. The expectation for patients is one of improvement and fading if not complete resolution. Although it may be possible to achieve 100% removal with laser birthmark removal, it is not possible to predict this because results vary from patient to patient.

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