Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care in Delhi

Pulastya's CADLE welcomes you to our clinic. Our team at Pulastya sincerely appreciates the opportunity you give us to treat your skin condition and assist you with maintaining a healthier and younger looking skin.

Our practice is based upon the following principles of care:


A Caring Atmosphere

A Caring Atmosphere

We always give a personal attention to each of our client, making it the foundation of our practice. We take the time to listen and answer all your queries.

Our Dedicated Staff

Dedicated Staff

Our experienced staff comprises of dedicated health care professionals, who have been chosen for their knowledge, willingness to help and ability to communicate with patients effectively. They will schedule appointments with you and make sure that all your questions are answered properly. Please do not hesitate to ask for their assistance or explanations wherever required.

Educational Support

Educational Support

We believe a well-informed patient is an asset to successful treatment. We believe that you need to understand our diagnosis and know how your body reacts to our treatment as a part of your healing process. Your diagnosis and treatment options are thoroughly discussed everytime you visit us.

Advanced Care

Advanced Care

Pulastya's Cadle offers you the latest medical, surgical and laser techniques for your treatment. Our experienced doctor, Dr. Vivek Mehta, is a board-certified in dermatology. He has undergone extensive training and completed many years of post-doctoral training. He is recognized by his peers as expert in the field of dermatology and laser surgeries.

Our Goal

Our Goal

To provide current dermatologic care in a skilled and knowledgeable fashion. This will be delivered in a compassionate and warm environment. We value every patient and will strive to ensure that their care is provided at the highest standards.


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